[Scribus] OT: Re: Converting graphics to CMYK with free software tools

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Sep 22 19:05:40 CEST 2006

Martin Tlustos wrote:
> Kenneth Aar, Grafikern.no schrieb:
>> Axel Bojer skrev:
>>> I just tried to find several free software graphic programs that are
>>> able to save images as cmyk
> this might be off topic, but does scribus convert rgb images to cmyk when 
> exporting a pdf with colors set to printer?

It's about dead centre on topic, and yes.

I suddenly find myself pondering if letting a user save a colour 
converted copy of a pic (with image effects applied) as TIFF or JPEG 
might not be a good idea, actually. Then again, there are LOTS more 
useful and important things to do, and it's not like that'd be a 
particularly useful function for use with Scribus.

Craig Ringer

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