[Scribus] Scribus, lulu.com, and Lightning Source Inc.

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Sep 18 05:07:55 CEST 2006

Raquel Martin wrote:

> Will LSI really be able to tell the difference between
> my Scribus PDF and Distiller generated PDFs?

Yes; all they need to do is look at the PDF producer field in the PDF 

> I could boot into Windows (ugh!) and distill the
> Scribus postscript in Distiller or use Distiller to
> convert my Scribus PDF into .ps and then back to PDF
> in Distiller.

You'd best avoid transparency if you do that, or do something even more 
horrid like export to PDF in Scribus, convert to PostScript with adobe 
reader, then distill that (*gag*).

Of course, you could also just modify your copy of Scribus to lie and 
claim to be Acrobat in the PDF producer field, but if something went 
wrong you'd be well and truly on your own. That also presumes they're 
checking the producer field and not anything else.

Craig Ringer

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