[Scribus] Scribus, lulu.com, and Lightning Source Inc.

Raquel Martin raquel_rene
Mon Sep 18 03:45:21 CEST 2006

I am creating a 100+ page (6x9 greyscale cover and
black text interior) book which will be initially
offered on lulu.com, I would like to opt for global
distribution through Lightning Source Inc.

Lulu's FAQs and forums state that I can only output
PDFs for global distribution by using Acrobat
Distiller. This is a rule put in place by Lightning
Source Inc.

I have never had a problem outputting an Acrobat 5
compatible pdf with Scribus, printers have never
noticed the difference.

Will LSI really be able to tell the difference between
my Scribus PDF and Distiller generated PDFs?

I could boot into Windows (ugh!) and distill the
Scribus postscript in Distiller or use Distiller to
convert my Scribus PDF into .ps and then back to PDF
in Distiller.

I am using strictly postscript fonts, no subsetting,
simple layout without overlays or transparencies.
Nothing terribly complicated.

Has anyone successfully "fooled" the LSI Acrobat
Distiller mandatory requirements for global
distribution with a Scribus PDF(this is a recent new
rule of theirs)?

I need to have the book to the printer fairly quickly
in order to meet the goals of my collaborative

I would love to have a strictly open source solution
to this. Any work-arounds or success stories you can
relate to me?

Thanks so much,


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