[Scribus] Colors desaturated in Acrobat 7 for Windows

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Sep 17 06:35:09 CEST 2006

Alexis Bellido wrote:
> Hi, I'm still having problems with the colors in my exported PDF.
> I'm running Scribus <>, also tried with 
> <> CVS, for Linux Fedore Core 4. I'm also running 
> Scribus <> for Windows XP.
> My problem is that when I export to PDF and I select "output intended 
> for Screen/Web" in the export color tab I get everything ok in Acrobat 
> 7.0.8 Windows but the colors are too saturated in Acrobat 7.0.8 in 
> Fedora Core 4 (I've tried with two different PC's).
> If I choose "output intended for Print" in the export color tab I get 
> desaturated colors in Acrobat 7.0.8 Windows and color ok in Acrobat 
> 7.0.8 Fedora Core 4.
> I need to create PDF's that are intented for Web/Screen.
> I have created my PDF's from Scribus <> on both, 
> Windows and Linux, but I still can get a PDF that works ok in both 
> operating systems. I really need one single PDF working right in both, 
> so having different versions of the PDF wouldn't be an option.
> Any suggestions?
Something like this was happening to me, eventually I got it 
straightened by fiddling with ICC profiles.


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