[Scribus] Colors desaturated in Acrobat 7 for Windows

Alexis Bellido alexisbellido
Sun Sep 17 04:53:19 CEST 2006

Hi, I'm still having problems with the colors in my exported PDF.

I'm running Scribus, also tried with CVS, for Linux Fedore
Core 4. I'm also running Scribus for Windows XP.

My problem is that when I export to PDF and I select "output intended for
Screen/Web" in the export color tab I get everything ok in Acrobat
7.0.8Windows but the colors are too saturated in Acrobat
7.0.8 in Fedora Core 4 (I've tried with two different PC's).

If I choose "output intended for Print" in the export color tab I get
desaturated colors in Acrobat 7.0.8 Windows and color ok in Acrobat
7.0.8Fedora Core 4.

I need to create PDF's that are intented for Web/Screen.

I have created my PDF's from Scribus on both, Windows and Linux, but
I still can get a PDF that works ok in both operating systems. I really need
one single PDF working right in both, so having different versions of the
PDF wouldn't be an option.

Any suggestions?


Alexis Bellido
Honest music, movies and books reviews at http://www.mumobo.com
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