[Scribus] some concerns / making scribus better

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Fri Sep 8 12:53:07 CEST 2006

>  > I'd like the ability to send to rounds of whatever I'd like, say send to
>>  rounds of multiple of 12 on the page, or send to multiples of 0.5, and not
>>  just rounding to full integers.
>Yes, this would be like having a grid to snap to and is much like what I
>suggested earlier.
>I think that in most cases you are more helped then restrained by such a grid.
>And for the few cases where you really want to positions things in between the
>grid you can be given the option so ignore the grid (maybe a checkbox per
>object, "Snap to grid"). The you can position it using snaps to the 
>grid first,
>turn of snapping and adjust the parts you don't want to snap.

But don't you think we're getting a bit far off the purpose of fine 
tuning using the arrows?

What I understand is the arrows would be used a lot to help you get a 
frame into position. But is it their best purpose? If you're going to 
hit those keys like many people are using tabs to place text (while 
they forget that one tab with a determined value is far more 
efficient), then I think it's a clumsy way to work, imo. In my view, 
the arrows are there to help you /fine tune/ a layout, tiny 
adjustments like manual kerning for instance or precise positionning 
of a tiny element. Otherwise, simply click on the first field in the 
Properties palette and hit the tab key to navigate as I said earlier.

Try it. It's really quick.

I am just trying to figure out how the arrows can be made better than 
they are without getting this thing into a complicated solution 
nobody will really use. Scribus already allows the use of CTRL and 
SHIFT and other key combination into those field using the mouse 
wheel to adjust numbers down to a few decimals. We might like to use 
the arrows just like the mouse wheel?

To me, having the possibility to set a predefined jump for arrows 
*is* very useful.

ID does it and IIRC Illustrator does it as well. Now, I understand 
that if for some reason a frame was created on the page and has a 
start position of, say 3,058 cm, then of course getting rid of those 
decimals can be important just to clear the way and get a clean and 
consistant layout with values a human being can deal with!

One other way to solve this would be to constrain Scribus to create 
any frame using the mouse to a position that has only integer. So, 
when you release the mouse, no more 3,058 cm offset but 3,0 cm. Then 
it's up to the user to move this frame around... and use the arrows 
for /fine tuning/.

Interesting discussion, anyhow!



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