[Scribus] Give and take

Adrianna Pinska adrianna.pinska
Wed Sep 6 13:38:22 CEST 2006


I agree that you can't please everyone with a user interface, and that
developers can't be expected to go to special trouble to include a
feature that only one person wants, or to change the way something
works because of an extreme minority view.  I have lots of personal UI
preferences, and I don't expect all of them to be satisfied.

But nobody will ever know how many people like or dislike some
interface element unless people say what they think about it, and
explain why they think so.

I'm sorry if I came across as too gung-ho while expressing my opinion;
it was not my intention.  I appreciate the work that went into
Scribus, and I like using it, even though some things don't work
exactly how I would like them to.

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