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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Sep 5 13:29:09 CEST 2006

>On 9/5/06, yetide2-scribus at yahoo.de <yetide2-scribus at yahoo.de> wrote:
>>  Hi all!
>>  > 2.: When you move or scale an object by clicking the arrows, or use the
>>  > mouse wheel, the value always goes up/down by an whole millimeter (or what
>>  > units youve selected).
>>  > I think it should first make an integer and then goes up/down by an whole
>>  > unit (75.19 mm > should first make 76.00 mm and then 77.00 when you raise
>>  > it stepwise)
>>  Uhm, when I move an object, I want it to move _by_ a certain 
>>number of millimeters, and not to the next full one. But that's 
>>just my opinion...
>I would find it useful if there was at least an option for snapping to
>round number positions.  I find it very irritating when I'm trying to
>nudge something into position, and I'd like it to end up on an exact
>number, but the starting position is wherever I dragged it by hand
>(which is very unlikely to be a round number), so the nudging bumps it
>to a non-round number, and I have to enter in a number manually.
>I know that you can snap things to guides, thus getting different
>boxes to line up perfectly, but you have to position the guide in the
>first place.  In practice I don't think it matters a lot whether boxes
>are positioned at 75mm or 75.19mm on different pages, so it's not a
>huge problem.  But the snapping would be a nice feature.

Hi Adriana,

Snap to guides is working in Scribus. Please check out the menus. You 
can fine tune the "snapping" option in the Preferences. Also, Guides 
can be put on a Master Page so there is no need to manually redraw 
them for each page.

Plus, there is a new menu "Frame" that allows to set first the frame 
position (in CVS version).



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