[Scribus] some concerns / making scribus better

yetide2-scribus at yahoo.de yetide2-scribus
Tue Sep 5 12:16:27 CEST 2006

Hi all! 
> 2.: When you move or scale an object by clicking the arrows, or use the 
> mouse wheel, the value always goes up/down by an whole millimeter (or what 
> units youve selected). 
> I think it should first make an integer and then goes up/down by an whole 
> unit (75.19 mm > should first make 76.00 mm and then 77.00 when you raise 
> it stepwise) 
Uhm, when I move an object, I want it to move _by_ a certain number of millimeters, and not to the next full one. But that's just my opinion... 
>> 3.: I want to paste text directly on the workspace, not to first make an 
>> textbox and paste it in there. 
>> it should use the standard font and font size selected. 
> I think you're out of luck there. The workspace just defines the  
> boundaries of your work, everything is in frames. Scribus is not trying  
> to be a wordprocessor. 
Couldn't Scribus try to figure out what you're about to paste, and in case it's just text (and you're not inside a text container), automagically draw a text box and insert it? That would possibly save a click or two...

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