[Scribus] Suggestions on "stability" of 1.3 branch

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Sep 2 18:35:05 CEST 2006

Mike Petersen wrote:
> Thanks for your input, that will be our backup plan - Run scribus on
> Windows.  So far the kids are extremely impressed with the Scribus
> program, although some are hesitant of running Linux.
> I gave a demonstration a few days ago and right when I walked in one
> kind of "attacked" me on why we were running Linux instead of Windows,
> but after the presentation he was pretty impressed with the whole
> system.
Stick to your guns -- there's plenty of other reasons to choose Linux, 
as you know.
> What the teacher was most impressed with was when I showed how to import
> an OpenOffice.org Writer file - I used a heavily styled document and all
> of the styles came across. The text looked exactly the same within both
> programs :-)
> I am going to setup an email account for the whole class, so be prepared
> to provide some help if they need it.
This should be good. I hope they do ask questions, it will help us with 
Make sure they know about the Wiki:



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