[Scribus] Suggestions on "stability" of 1.3 branch

Mike Petersen mgpeter
Sat Sep 2 16:26:02 CEST 2006

On Friday 01 September 2006 14:07, Mike Petersen wrote:

> In your opinion, (minor issues aside) is the development version of
> Scribus (1.3x) on Windows stable enough to somewhat depend upon it to
> create PDFs for the school Newspaper ?

On Fri, 1 Sep 2006 16:36:07 -0400, Pierre-Luc Auclair wrote:
> Should be more than adequate. Note that the "dev stable" 1.3.3.x is
> the one 
> you want, 1.3.4 is currently not usable in production environment
> (unless you 
> like juggling with danger).

Thanks for your input, that will be our backup plan - Run scribus on
Windows.  So far the kids are extremely impressed with the Scribus
program, although some are hesitant of running Linux.

I gave a demonstration a few days ago and right when I walked in one
kind of "attacked" me on why we were running Linux instead of Windows,
but after the presentation he was pretty impressed with the whole

What the teacher was most impressed with was when I showed how to import
an OpenOffice.org Writer file - I used a heavily styled document and all
of the styles came across. The text looked exactly the same within both
programs :-)

I am going to setup an email account for the whole class, so be prepared
to provide some help if they need it.

Mike Petersen
mgpeter at pcc-services.com

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