[Scribus] Single text frame with one, then two, then one column(s)

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Fri Oct 20 22:46:01 CEST 2006

> > I have been using Scribus for a only a few days (v.  I've
> > searched the archive, but I haven't found a question that quite
> > pertains to what I am trying to achieve.  Is it possible to do the
> > following within a single text frame?
> >
> > - The first paragraph has a hanging indent and extends across the full
> > width of the text frame.
> >
> > - The second paragraph is in the first of two side-by-side columns.
> > The left justification aligns with the indent of the first paragraph,
> > not the left side of the text frame.  The right of this paragraph
> > extends to the gap.
> >
> > - The third paragraph is in the second of two side-by-side columns.
> > It extends from the gap on its left to the right side of the text
> > frame.
> >
> > - The columns are of even width, taking into account the left
> > justification of the second paragraph.  Thus, they are off-center in
> > the text frame (and on the page).
> >
> > - The fourth and final paragraph, like the first, has a hanging indent
> > and stretches across the full text frame and page.
> >
> > So far, I have only been able to do this in three linked text frames.
> > When I try to do it in one frame with column breaks after each
> > paragraph, the columns containing paragraphs two and three are of
> > uneven width because the gap is centered in the frame (or perhaps on
> > the page) and the fourth paragraph goes missing from the frame, though
> > not from the story editor.
> Hi Ron,
> There is no practical way to achieve that in one single text frame. Once
> you set a text frame to be 2-column there is no way to make a single
> paragraph into that frame going the full width. At some point, it's
> going to hit the column gap.
> As far as I understand, you could do that with 2 frames instead of 3.
> One being on top of the other with runaround properties set. Both parag.
> 1 and 4 would be in one frame because they share the same width. Both
> paragraph 2 and 3 would be in the other frame. This frame can be
> positionned precisely in respect to the other so it can be off-center
> the way you want.
> Louis


I never thought of trying it that way.  By "runaround properties" I
take it you mean "Properties:Shape:Text Flows Around Frame."

This method may require me to unlink the 2-3 text frame from the 1-4
frame.  Otherwise, enlarging the 1-4 frame to show paragraph 4 reveals
paragraph 2 and paragraph 4 slips to the second frame with paragraph
3.  Inserting a frame break after 3 causes 4 to disappear, just as it
did earlier when I used a column break in a single frame.

It's too bad, though, that there isn't a way to do it all in a single
frame.  It would be nice to have a way to allow the 1-2-1 column
format to flow with content changes without having to adjust multiple
frames on a page.


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