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Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Fri Oct 20 23:58:11 CEST 2006

Alt 033 a ?crit :
>>>I have been using Scribus for a only a few days (v.  I've
>>>searched the archive, but I haven't found a question that quite
>>>pertains to what I am trying to achieve.  Is it possible to do the
>>>following within a single text frame?
>>>- The first paragraph has a hanging indent and extends across the full
>>>width of the text frame.
>>>- The second paragraph is in the first of two side-by-side columns.
>>>The left justification aligns with the indent of the first paragraph,
>>>not the left side of the text frame.  The right of this paragraph
>>>extends to the gap.
>>>- The third paragraph is in the second of two side-by-side columns.
>>>It extends from the gap on its left to the right side of the text
>>>- The columns are of even width, taking into account the left
>>>justification of the second paragraph.  Thus, they are off-center in
>>>the text frame (and on the page).
>>>- The fourth and final paragraph, like the first, has a hanging indent
>>>and stretches across the full text frame and page.
>>>So far, I have only been able to do this in three linked text frames.
>>>When I try to do it in one frame with column breaks after each
>>>paragraph, the columns containing paragraphs two and three are of
>>>uneven width because the gap is centered in the frame (or perhaps on
>>>the page) and the fourth paragraph goes missing from the frame, though
>>>not from the story editor.
>>Hi Ron,
>>There is no practical way to achieve that in one single text frame. Once
>>you set a text frame to be 2-column there is no way to make a single
>>paragraph into that frame going the full width. At some point, it's
>>going to hit the column gap.
>>As far as I understand, you could do that with 2 frames instead of 3.
>>One being on top of the other with runaround properties set. Both parag.
>>1 and 4 would be in one frame because they share the same width. Both
>>paragraph 2 and 3 would be in the other frame. This frame can be
>>positionned precisely in respect to the other so it can be off-center
>>the way you want.
> Louis,
> I never thought of trying it that way.  By "runaround properties" I
> take it you mean "Properties:Shape:Text Flows Around Frame."


> This method may require me to unlink the 2-3 text frame from the 1-4
> frame.  Otherwise, enlarging the 1-4 frame to show paragraph 4 reveals
> paragraph 2 and paragraph 4 slips to the second frame with paragraph
> 3.  Inserting a frame break after 3 causes 4 to disappear, just as it
> did earlier when I used a column break in a single frame.

Understand... It is hard to tell without the visual. You can do one more 
thing to fix this (and without unlinking) by setting the top and bottom 
margins of the text frame containing par. 2-3. That way, you can enlarge 
that frame so text will hold in its place in both frames but you 
actually are going to move your paragraphs inside this frame. There are 
4 fields under the Columns and then Gap field : top, bottom, right, left 
(don't have Scribus avail. on this computer, the order might be 
different). Use this as well.
> It's too bad, though, that there isn't a way to do it all in a single
> frame.  It would be nice to have a way to allow the 1-2-1 column
> format to flow with content changes without having to adjust multiple
> frames on a page.

If you browse the bug tracker you'll find a long discussion on this 
particular subject. You can review the arguments and see whether you 
hold onto your idea or not.
> Thanks,

You're welcome!

> Ron
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