[Scribus] Single text frame with one, then two, then one column(s)

Alt 033 alt033
Fri Oct 20 18:01:46 CEST 2006

I have been using Scribus for a only a few days (v.  I've
searched the archive, but I haven't found a question that quite
pertains to what I am trying to achieve.  Is it possible to do the
following within a single text frame?

- The first paragraph has a hanging indent and extends across the full
width of the text frame.

- The second paragraph is in the first of two side-by-side columns.
The left justification aligns with the indent of the first paragraph,
not the left side of the text frame.  The right of this paragraph
extends to the gap.

- The third paragraph is in the second of two side-by-side columns.
It extends from the gap on its left to the right side of the text

- The columns are of even width, taking into account the left
justification of the second paragraph.  Thus, they are off-center in
the text frame (and on the page).

- The fourth and final paragraph, like the first, has a hanging indent
and stretches across the full text frame and page.

So far, I have only been able to do this in three linked text frames.
When I try to do it in one frame with column breaks after each
paragraph, the columns containing paragraphs two and three are of
uneven width because the gap is centered in the frame (or perhaps on
the page) and the fourth paragraph goes missing from the frame, though
not from the story editor.


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