[Scribus] aqua.scribus.net vs fink

Thomas R. Koll tomk32
Wed Oct 18 09:35:57 CEST 2006

Am 18.10.2006 um 06:44 schrieb Martin Costabel:

> Gustavo Homem wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Hi Gustavo,
>>>  From what I understood on IRC a few minutes ago, if you build  
>>> with Fink
>>> on an new Intel Mac it will be aqua-intel.
>> So what's the final difference between aqua-intel-fink and aqua- 
>> intel-native?
> The main difference is that "aqua-intel-fink" is compiled on your
> machine while "aqua-intel-native" is compiled on Andreas' machine and
> then installed as a compiled binary by you.

Or you can compile it yourself.

BTW Andreas if you want I can upload those packages aqua-ppc that I
compile, if that helps to take load from you and keep the thing
more updated I'd be glad to help.

ciao, tom
http://www.tomk32.de - just a geek trying to change the world

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