[Scribus] aqua.scribus.net vs fink

Martin Costabel costabel
Wed Oct 18 06:44:40 CEST 2006

Gustavo Homem wrote:
> Hi, 
>> Hi Gustavo,
>>  From what I understood on IRC a few minutes ago, if you build with Fink 
>> on an new Intel Mac it will be aqua-intel.
> So what's the final difference between aqua-intel-fink and aqua-intel-native?

The main difference is that "aqua-intel-fink" is compiled on your 
machine while "aqua-intel-native" is compiled on Andreas' machine and 
then installed as a compiled binary by you.

More technical differences are:

1. "aqua-intel-fink" installs the required external libraries and 
utilities like qt3/mac, ghostscript, lcms, libpng, freetype, fontconfig 
etc. automatically under control of a package manager inside Fink's 
controlled directory "/sw", whereas "aqua-intel-native" requires you to 
download those manually and install them in the default directories such 
as /Library/Frameworks and /usr/local/bin.

2. Since Andreas Vox is a Scribus developer and the Fink package 
maintainer is only a packager, it is possible that Andreas' version 
"aqua-intel-native" will have more bug fixes than the Fink version which 
is compiled directly from the released sources with only very minimal 


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