[Scribus] new problem - where's the js coming from? [SOLVED]

dwain.alford at gmail.com dwain.alford
Wed Oct 11 00:59:04 CEST 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 October 2006 00:09, dwain.alford at gmail.com wrote:
>> Maciej Hanski wrote:
>>> dwain.alford at gmail.com napisa?(a):
>>>> the last problem is solved, however a new one has emerged.  where is the
>>>> javascript coming from?  all of the settings are set to no javascript.
>>>> when i open the document now a window opens and shows the following
>>>> information:
>>> Dwain, I'm heavily overnewsed and underinformed:)
>>> What document? A PDF form? How did you create this PDF form, by using
>>> Scribus's own PDF export (right) or using a PDF Distiller as a printer
>>> (wrong)?
>>>> 	Acrobat Database Connectivity Built-in Functions Version 5.0
>>>> Acrobat EScript Built-in Functions Version 5.0
>>>> Acrobat Annotations / Collaboration Built-in Functions Version 5.0
>>>> SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list
>>> As stated above: which program produces this error?
>>>> i don't understand. if i close the window and type in a "plain" text
>>>> area, no problem.  when i try to type in the "date" field the window
>>>> pops up again and lists a syntax error.
>>> Which program? What have you been trying to achieve with this program?
>>> i don't know how to get to the
>>>> javascript to fix the problem.
>>> You don't have to bother about javascript at this stage, I suppose. Have
>>> you read the PDF form tutorial? Please describe in short the steps
>>> you've done so far, the clearer the better.
>>> M.
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>> my operating system is windows 2000.  scribus development version
>>  the pdf forms were created using the scribus pdf tab.  all
>> javascript settings were off in each field.
>> according to the tutorial, in screen/web mode the program generates
>> javascript unless i'm reading it wrong.
>> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Your_first_PDF_form_with_Scribus
>> "One of the biggest advantages of Scribus is the possibility to create
>> PDF forms with embedded JavaScript scripts."
>> the problem i was having was with the js in the "date" function.  when i
>> set the field to "plain" the problem vanished.
>> evidently, the js compiled by scribus has a bug that does not produce
>> correct js.  that's my guess based on what the tutorial says and the
>> actions that i have taken to correct the problem and the cues given by
>> acrobat 5.
>> this is a great program!  i know the kinks will be worked out for the
>> stable release.  i don't know how many windows users there are, but i am
>> going to stick with the developers and this great piece of software.
>> i'm hooked now!  i have much blood, sweat and tears, along with the
>> frustration of wanting to shoot my computer.
>> it's not all the software or the computer.  there is operator ignorance
>> at work here as well.  i really appreciate the feedback that i have
>> received from this list. i hope those who are developing scribus will
>> look at the js a little closer now.  not a criticism at all.  i know
>> that no piece of software is 100%.
>> again thanks for the help, and if i run into anything else, i'll holler.
> Hi Dwain, 
> Thanks for your feedback. I haven't followed this closely, but we will have a 
> look at the JS code and see if all is ok. Its likely that some versions of JS 
> are now required or no longer accepted or similar in Adobe Reader and what 
> Scribus is producing is a little old. The JS side of things has not changed 
> in quite awhile. 
> It would be a great help if you created a bug on bugs.scribus.net and uploaded 
> the SLA file and sample PDF with "broken" JS for us to test, so if you don't 
> mind, please do so when you get a chance. An example makes a big difference 
> when debugging.
> Thanks for your help!
> Regards
> Craig

hi craig,
go figure, i went back to the original file, set the date field format 
to "date", produced the pdf from scribus, opened the file and it worked 
flawlessly; no, none, nill, nada javascript error popped up.

i had closed both acrobat 5 and scribus, as i had before (i know 
computers can get stupid every now and then) when i was having the 
issue, read your email, opened both programs again and did the above 
operations with the above results.

of course, i deleted the broken pdf files, they were no use to me; 
however, i have more forms to produce and if i run into the same issue 
i'll file a bug report and forward the files to you.

i feel kinda silly about this, but what can i say.  i don't think i was 


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