[Scribus] Publisher to Scribus

Roger hovergo
Sat Oct 7 09:21:51 CEST 2006

>>Is there some way to import .pub files from Publisher besides copying
>>>them one at a time to Word and then to Scribus.  I'm editing a 173 page
>>>book and rather not load XP on the machine again.  I'm using SUSE 10.1
>>>on one machine and Xandros on another.

Light weight,  efficient, low overheads, readable by almost every
computer, consider plain txt files your best friend.
Honestly, I would do / have done simple cut and paste of every publisher
text box content into its own plain text file named  with a .txt
extension then simply use those text files in Scribus. This way you have
non dedicated, highly reusable text files that can be modified, used by,
and with with no adherence to any particular software.
It is laborious escaping from publisher. Just consider it as capital
punishment for using it. Many of us have suffered similar incarceration
and escaped through the front door of open source.

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