[Scribus] editing inline frames?

Michael Koren kung42o
Sun Oct 8 05:42:47 CEST 2006

avox wrote:
> Michael Koren wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> How hard would it be to add simple inline frame editing capabilities in
>> 1.3.3.x? As far as I can tell, they're stored similarly to normal frames
>> in the file, so I wouldn't think it would be too hard?
>> You could select an inline frame with Ctrl-Alt-click, just like selecting
>> an object from a group, so you wouldn't need a special interface. Then
>> you could copy it to the clipboard or edit it like any other frame as
>> long as it's selected. When you deselect it, scribus would just
>> recalculate its position (to make sure it flows right with the text in
>> the frame, in case you changed its size) the same way as when you placed
>> it inline in the first place.
>> If that's too hard, as a last resort how about at least allowing to
>> select it that way and copy or cut it from the frame, so you can paste it
>> on the page, edit it normally, and then paste it back inline? Inline
>> frames can be really powerful and would be much more useful this way.
>> Inline frames could also be listed under their parent frame in the
>> outline like objects in a group, and selected from there.
>> Thanks,
>> Michael
> Inline frames definitely have to be improved a lot but I'm afraid that's
> not a change suitable for our new "stable" series 1.3.3.x.

Oh, I didn't realize it was quite that stabilized yet.

> Feel free to experiment yourself, just don't expect your patches to show
> up in 1.3.3.x (unless you have an unexpected success implementing it :-)
> ).

There's a thought. Looking at it...
Hey, I think I found the selection code. Now I just need to figure out how
frame objects are stored.... :)

BTW, is it the intended behavior currently that inline frames taller than
the line height overlap the text above? Has it always been that way? I
thought it used to work differently.

> /Andreas

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