[Scribus] Mulatiple page print-out

Peter Nermander m8130
Fri Oct 6 13:15:36 CEST 2006

> Yep... and that'd be possible if either (a) we can eventually support
> pdf-in-pdf embedding, or (b) add support for referencing a page in an
> external document in a frame.

And I just found that the discussion is already in the wiki:-)


> Personally I think pdf-in-pdf embedding is ideal for more complex uses,
> and just supporting simple flipped/rotated/n-up output would be suitable
> for more basic jobs like booklets (and would be LOTS simpler).

Well the simple impositions could be supplied as example files if a more
powerful solution is implemented.

And you are right that pdf-in-pdf would be ideal, then Scribus could impositions
documents from other sources. But I think a solution could support both
importing pages from pdf and importing pages from sla?

Maybe we could even start with having a solution importing PDF pages as pictures
(as it is done today) and then just improve it by adding other import formats?

I don't think I could do all the coding, but I would be happy to assist a
developer with ideas and script snippets. Many of the functions could be
done with scripts.

Create a document with a certain paper size (can even be done manually?). Here
we should probably also include tumble or turn (to place the two pages of a
sheet next to eachother or above/below eachother on the workspace)

Insert guides according to printer margins and page grid (easy to script, 4
margins and number of rows and columns)

Create frames according to the guides (easy to script too, maybe the same script
as above, it will really not create them using guides but use the same numbers
as for drawing the guides)

Then the user must select a page order and rotation for each frame. This I think
must be coded into Scribus. Each frame must have some visible identifier showing
it's orientation and sequence number

Maybe also alignment of page within the frame should be available (if the page
is smaller than a grid square). I don't have Scribus in front of me now so I'm
not sure if alignment of image within an image frame is arelady available

Then importing pages and duplicating the setup for additional sheets can be
easily scripted (possibly with an option on how many pages on each signature)


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