[Scribus] Mulatiple page print-out

Plinnell mrdocs
Thu Oct 5 23:24:03 CEST 2006

On Thursday 05 October 2006 15:52, Bernard G Hill wrote:
> Thanks for the help so far with this problem, but I am still having
> difficulty. The Acrobat Reader which I have does not appear to have
> any way of printing multiple pages on one larger sheet. Are there
> different versions of AR? Mine is 7.0.1 and on Ubuntu 6.06.

Ouch. AR 7.0.1 was superseded by 7.0.5, then 7.08 mostly for security 
fixes. I'm astonished this has not been updated by Ubuntu as a 
security fix.

You need AR 7.0.8 which has CUPS support.   I can do some imposing of 
PDF right within AR7 with Suse 10.0+ and their CUPS setup.

> Can AR print correctly imposed sheets such as would be required for
> an eight page A5 booklet on A3+, printed both sides of course, to
> allow for folding and cutting? If not would it be possible to
> incorporate imposed printed output directly from Scribus? This is
> certainly a programming problem, and I am unable to program, but do
> hold programmers in the highest regard. My interest is in using the
> program, attempting to produce work of a worthwhile standard. I am
> like a modern car-driver, I know how to drive but know very little
> about what goes on under the hood.
> Best wishes to all,
> Bernard,

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