[Scribus] Mulatiple page print-out

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Fri Oct 6 08:18:45 CEST 2006

Bernard G Hill schrieb:
> Thanks for the help so far with this problem, but I am still having
> difficulty. The Acrobat Reader which I have does not appear to have any
> way of printing multiple pages on one larger sheet. Are there different
> versions of AR? Mine is 7.0.1 and on Ubuntu 6.06.

In my case this seems not to be a question of versioning of AR but 
rather a collection of the right tools to work on the printed files.

The way I'm printing A4 pages on A3 sheets to be folded as a simple 
newspaper is this:

1. Make a pdf from your Scribus document (PDF 1.4 required)
2. Load the pdf into AR and let it print to kprinter using PS level 3

This will produce a file named print.ps for example.

Then in a shell I type

psbook print.ps printb.ps
psnup -2 -Pa4 -pa3 printb.ps printp.ps

I now have the A4 document spread on the A3 pages and will print the 
beast via

kprinter printp.ps

switching it to A3 portrait (!) and duplexing over the small edge

A long time ago someone here on the list gave me the tip with psbook and 
psnup. Maybe this is a way to do what you want? I recently saw that it 
should be possible to define a filter setting for kprinter to include 
the psbook and psnup programs.


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