[Scribus] Is version ready for production?

Roberto roberto
Tue Oct 3 16:18:07 CEST 2006


I'm about to start a single-columned 176-page book project as a 
free-lance job for a publishing house and I'm considering using Scribus 
instead of Indesign CS2 for the task. This would be my first time so I'm 
a little afraid.
I know you guys are working hard to make Scribus a first-class app and 
you deserve compliments for what's been done so far.
However, following the mailing list for quite some time, I know not 
everything is ready or working as it should. For instance, I've seen 
many people complain about slowness when dealing with much text, sudden 
crashes, data loss and unexpected results from pdfs created.
I know most of these errors happen in the development versions. But the 
stable branch (1.2.x) misses so many features now that it just doesn't 
seem worth using anymore. And it's also affected by slowness with much 
text, as reported by some users.
I know the development branch has been forked to allow a more "stable" 
development version, which now is
So here is my doubt.
Just how stable is this version for a project like this?
I'm so willing to switch from commercial to open source software.
What do you people suggest? Is it the time to migrate?
I don't have much time to lay out the book, around 3 days. So there's 
not much time for surprises and I can't disappoint my client.

Thank you for your attention.



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