[Scribus] file format 1.3.3.x and 1.3.4

Martin Costabel costabel
Thu Nov 30 15:01:38 CET 2006

Matthias Schmitt wrote:

> Sorry, not true. You are thinking Linux and Windows only. I tried to  
> update Scribus on my Mac, but I failed. There is no up-to-date Mac  
> version. The current binary distribution (Scribus/Aqua Binary  
> Snapshot does not run on any currently sold Intel Macs. And  
> the binary package distributed via the Fink package (X11 version) is  
> version 1.2.3.

Not true.

Fink has currently the following versions for Intel Macs:

Precompiled versions (in the "stable" distribution, X11 graphics):

Packages for installation from source ("unstable" distribution, X11 and 
aqua graphics):

The latter can be obtained (not sure if it's the same version, their 
server is currently down) in precompiled binary form from the University 
of Tokyo "unofficial" binary distribution at 


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