[Scribus] file format 1.3.3.x and 1.3.4

Matthias Schmitt freak002
Thu Nov 30 07:45:09 CET 2006


>> Just a thought on Greg's idea. I wonder whether saving in an older
>> format would be as good as it seems. Does that still make sense  
>> from the
>> free software point of view? Anyone wishing to upgrade can do so  
>> at no
>> cost.

Sorry, not true. You are thinking Linux and Windows only. I tried to  
update Scribus on my Mac, but I failed. There is no up-to-date Mac  
version. The current binary distribution (Scribus/Aqua Binary  
Snapshot does not run on any currently sold Intel Macs. And  
the binary package distributed via the Fink package (X11 version) is  
version 1.2.3.

 From time to time I cannot resist to remind you of the Mac platform.  
May be some day there will be a Scribus Mac update ... :-)

Best regards ...

Matthias Schmitt

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