[Scribus] cvs version blowing layout

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Tue Nov 21 08:23:56 CET 2006

Craig Bradney schrieb:
> On Monday 20 November 2006 12:43, Eilert wrote:
>> Maciej Hanski schrieb:
>>> Eilert napisa?(a):
>>>> Maciej Hanski schrieb:
>>>>> Eilert napisa?(a):
>>>>>> Hi folks,
>>>>>> just checked out CVS and found that it blows my layouts from the
>>>>>> current version.
>>>>>> Lines are melting into each other, centered text appears left and so
>>>>>> on. Is this because it's cvs :-) or because it doesn't read all the
>>>>>> text issues yet?
>>>>>> I could make screenshots, but where to post them - here on the list?
>>>>> Report to bugs.scribus.net and attach your screen shots there
>>>>> M.
>>>> I did so and found that it's possible to upload only a single file, so I
>>>> uploaded the screenshot of the messed up layout in the cvs version.
>>> You can attach as many files as you desire after  submitting your report.
>>> Maciej
>> Ok, I found it - thanks Maciej :-)
>> I now uploaded the original layout screenshot as well.
> As per my note on the bug, please upload SLAs, its all very nice to see 
> screenshots but unless we can replicate, we can't test fixes.
> We may have announced feature freeze, but that does not mean stability of the 
> text system yet, it means we are not making any more large additions to the 
> codebase.

Yep, I know - that's why I was kinda surprised I should upload my case 
to the bug tracker. All I wanted to know was if it's due to the cvs 
version or due to my sla file. Or if 1.3.4 will intentively not support 
some of the current text features or whatever. But I'll upload that one 
as well, you are welcome to use it as an example.



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