[Scribus] Importing PS/EPS for Imposition

Julian Goodsell julesdownloads
Mon Nov 20 10:39:53 CET 2006

My first post.I want to create an 8 page CD booklet in Scribus, and setup imposition with crop/fold marks for printing. Two pages (120x120mm) to to an A4 document, front and back.To do this, I'm creating my 8 pages in Scribus in normal order, then I want to export each page to eps and then import them into a new scribus document for imposition placement.To test this, I went through the FreedomYug Scribus tutorial and then printed the second page (contains a picture and two text frames) to postscript file. It exported fine and looks perfect in gsview and irfanView, but when I import it into Scribus, the title text frame moves out of position and overlaps the picture. Aside from that, the individual elements look fine. As I resize the imported ps element, the text frame starts to move around and I can get it positioned a bit better, but not where it should be.I exported as eps of the page originally but elements on the template page in Scribus wouldn't export with the rest of the page. So I went with printing a single page to ps file instead.Then I tried exporting to pdf and inserting that into a picture frame which looked fine in Scribus but came up a shocker in print preview.So I'm all out of ideas. I can't understand why Scribus is having trouble with the ps import when it looks fine in gsview. Isn't Scribus using ghostscript for its ps import?Also when importing the ps file into Scribus, it doesn't automatically come up the same size in Scribus. I've spent hours on it and just can't work it out.Any help much appreciated as I'm trying to get it working so I can get my students to do it.I've searched the forums and google ad nauseum.I'm using:Windows XPScribus 8.54
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