[Scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.3.4 FeatureFreezeand1.3.3.6String Freeze

Nicholas Vettese nvettese
Thu Nov 16 18:51:33 CET 2006


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--- Nicholas Vettese <nvettese at pdistributors.com>

> I am just replying, but using Outlook 2003.  If I am top posting, I am

> not sure how that is happening, and I am sorry.  I hope that all my 
> future replies are better suited for the group.  :)

Nothing to feel sorry about, it isn't this bad -- I hope it didn't sound
that rude :) Just place your answer below the original text, and not
above it. 



Ohhhh like this?  

See, I understand emails.  I know that they can be taken the wrong way,
so I take the time to read them if they sound off.  That is when I saw
your smiley :), and I was okay.  This group is truly one of the best
groups ever.  There are arguments, but we all seem to know how to work
together.  And again, this group teaches me something brand new.  :)


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