[Scribus] ANNOUNCE .... on Mac OS X?

Martin Costabel costabel
Thu Nov 16 07:01:04 CET 2006

avox wrote:
> I'll try to provide a binary for PPC as soon as possible. I recently
> encountered some problems with dynamic linking and havent found
> time to get to the root of it yet.
> A Universal Binary will be difficult since I'd have to produce also
> Universal
> Binaries of the supporting libs... maybe for

A remark re supporting libs: The currently released version 2.2.1 of 
freetype2 has a bug on MacOSX/Intel that makes Scribus crash while 
scanning fonts at startup. One needs a patch from freetype2 CVS (for 
freetype2, not for scribus), which is what the current Fink package is 
doing. With this, both scribus- (for X11) and 
scribus-aqua- from Fink seem to be working OK.


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