[Scribus] Where to setup bleed

Peter Nermander m8130
Tue Nov 14 07:21:59 CET 2006

> Say if there was bleed in Scribus where would you like to set it up. New
> document dialog, only when exporting, only in prefs, all of these, somewhere
> else?

It really depends on how bleed is going to work.

If i remember correct it is already possible to place an image frame so it
extends outside the page edge? In that case the bleed will tell "how much
outside the page edge will be printed/exported", right?

And this means the page exported will be slightly larger than the document page
size but with the crop box set to the page size?

Then I think it should be possible to change in the export dialog. For example
if you want to export both for print and for reading on screen.

But it should also be available in the document setup (there you can specify the
default for the document, and then during export you can temporarily modify it
depending on the export target).


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