[Scribus] printing to file with non-standard paper size

Andreas Speck andreas.speck
Fri Nov 10 11:48:37 CET 2006

Dear all,
  I have a problem printing to file when using a non-standard paper size.
I have a document in Berliner Format (316x470mm), which I need to output
as colour separated postscript file. However, whenever I print to file (with
or without colour separation), the output is only A4, and not in the specified
paper size.
This problem does not occur when exporting to PDF, but I can't see how I
can create a colour separated PDF...

I'm using Scribus under Slackware 10.2, with espgs-8.15.4-rc4 (original
Slackware package).

Any ideas? Does Scribus not talk to gs correctly, or is this a gs problem?

Thanks for any advice.
Andreas Speck
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