[Scribus] memory issues using images

francesco fantoni francesco
Fri Nov 10 12:15:29 CET 2006

It seems there is a serious memory problem with large images or huge
number of images in Scribus documents using 1.3.
>From what i understand reading bug reports it seems it could be related
to use of Qstring for storing images.
I'm having serious troubles with both 1.3.3.x and 1.3.4cvs, that turn
out to be practically useless for producing a document with a large
number of images. Someone stated in a bug-report that use of Qstring for
images will be abandoned in 1.4, is it true? is there already a clear
vision of problem and possible solutions? In my opinion this is a
primary stopper on the process of 1.4 release.
best regards to you all.
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