[Scribus] Using Scribus in the classroom?

Peter Nermander m8130
Thu Nov 9 07:20:48 CET 2006

> I have been using MS Word and I disagree with you here.  Though I know
> you can create text frames in MS-Word but you CANNOT move it with the
> DETAILED precision as you can do in Scribus.  For example, you can set
> attributes in upto several decimal places - that's not available in

I just inserted a text frame. I right click and choose Format text frame.
There is a button on the Layout tab called Settings.
(I'm not sure what it's called in English Word, I only have Swedish)

There I can set the position of the frame relative margins, page, column,
paragraph etc. And I can set it in centimeters with two decimal places.

> Word.  As for manual kerning, I was talking about adjusting space
> between each individual character of a word - you cannot do that in
> word which only lets you adjust character-spacing on a single piece of
> text as a whole - no adjusting of space between individual characters.

I just tried a text with letters AVAVAVAVAVA. I highlight two adjacent letter,
chose Format->Text and the spacing tab
and change the distance between those two
letters. For two of them I expanded 4 poits, for another two I condensed two
points. Worked like a charm, I now have two letters almost overlapping and two
so far away it looks as if there is a SPACE between them (but it isn't). This in
the very same "word" (if you can say AVAVAVAVAVA is a word:-).

That's why whenver people say Word can't do things, I think they haven't
explored it enough:-)


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