[Scribus] Using Scribus in the classroom?

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Thu Nov 9 09:22:29 CET 2006

Hi Peter,

On 11/9/06, Peter Nermander <m8130 at abc.se> wrote:
> ............ I can set it in centimeters with two decimal places.

OK, in Scribus you can do it with upto 3 decimal places :)

> ..... For two of them I expanded 4 poits, for another
> two I condensed two points.

OK, acknowledged :) :)

My mind was locked into using
only one way of using Word's kerning facility - may
be the reason is that everytime you have to adjust
kerning between two adjacent characters you have to
select the two adjacent characters then right-click and
pop-up a dialog, select a tab and only then adjust the

There is no such hassle in Scribus - you can keep the
property palette continuously open at the right (or
where ever you want on the page) move your cursor
any place between any two adjacent characters in
any frame and kern-adjust the spacing from the
property palette - you do NOT have to open up a Dialog
box everytime you want to kern-adjust!

Basically, word is good at the job it was designed to
do - word processing - and it's user-interface is
designed accordingly - that is, word-processing
features are right there in front of you on the toolbar
whereas you have to open modal dialogs for layout
task such as kerning - the modal dialog boxes just
don't go away until you close them.

May be, that's why kerning the space between characters in
Word the way you have described just never
occured to me.

With Scribus adjusting, the kerning is natural and simple.

I hope you see the difference now ;)

Best regards,


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