[Scribus] Using Scribus in the classroom?

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Wed Nov 8 08:28:26 CET 2006

Hi Moritz,

On 11/8/06, Moritz Dorka <morido at web.de> wrote:
> ........................... an average 5th grade (who
> is forced to do it) will almost certainly not manage to work with Scribus.

I respectfully disagree with you here.  I didn't know ANYTHING about
DTP when I started using Scribus.

What fascinated me most was the REAL ease with which I could just
click and create a frame and put text in it and move it anywhere on
the page - with extremely precise control. Reducing/increasing space
between "individual" characters "with precision" was another instant

Not knowing how to type is another problem. But, personally, I think
anyone can learn how to use Scribus in less time than MS Word or
anything else. Most childern these days know how to chat and if they
use the Internet they are, at least, somewhat comfortable with typing.
 I think it's just a matter of showing them how they can just put text
in text-frames and move it anywhere on the page "with extremely
precise control" - the control that they can't get in word-processing
packages.  One should also encourage them to join the Scribus mailing
list to get help.  I think once they join the mailing list they'll
become comfortable with Scribus very quickly.

Basically, the point is to show them the means and encourage them to
"explore" Scribus/DTP - instead of just "teaching/tutoring" them.
Tell them about the Scribus' website, the various links pointing to
various resource, the Wiki, the documentation, the templates, etc.
Personally, I think the control with which you can move text-frames
around the page is the BIGGEST and INSTANT attraction and the
motivation enough to explore the whole software.

As for Publisher, I have to admit that it does give you extremely
quick results.  Especially, the  way you can change the color schemes,
the design-elements, etc. with a single-mouse click is extremely
attractive.  I think, it would be good to have the same kind of
features in Scribus that you could use to create/design templates,
color schemes, design elements AND change the layout design elements
with a single mouse-click - like you find in Publisher.



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