[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 45, Issue 21

Ole Blente blente
Wed Nov 8 06:24:24 CET 2006

Thank you, Craig, for your answar.
You are right, Im exporting with PDF using CMYK. And that produses PDF 
with greyish pictures. Do you mean, that is exactly the way it should be?
As Im not a pro on DTP, I dont really have the confidense to start 
printing when the printmaster complains.

Ole Blente

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>> Subject: [Scribus] Bad picturequality in
>> From: Ole Blente <blente at start.no>
>> To: scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de
>> Date: 07-11-2006 9:15
>> Hi
>> Im having problems with last version, wich is, I know, in 
>> development. When exporting to PDF pictures turn greyish. Is threre any 
>> way to get nice picures out?
>> Ole Blente
> It sounds like you are exporting with PDF export settings you are not
> planning to use.. eg perhaps you are exporting to a Printer (CMYK)
> destination instead of a Screen (RGB ) destination. There's no issues with
> Scribus and colour with the way you describe, it will be the settings so
> please review.
> Regards
> Craig

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