[Scribus] Using Scribus in the classroom?

Bill Harris bill_harris
Mon Nov 6 23:49:13 CET 2006

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Nanette Andrusiak wrote:
> I?ve been asked to help a 4^th /5^th grade class develop a school 
> newspaper and have been researching tools for them. I?m very impressed 
> with Scribus, as it has all the features they will need and fits there 
> budget. However, they will need to be working in the Windows 
> environment (due to the limitations of their hardware equipment.) I?m 

You've gotten some very good ideas from others already.  I thought I'd
just add that I just started with Scribus on Windows about two or three
weeks ago and used it successfully to prepare a quick reference card for
a conference at which I presented last week.  I can't speak to its ease
of use at the 4th or 5th grade levels (they may have a better handle on
all of this than the rest of us!), but I found it quite helpful in a
short period.  It was helpful to go through a tutorial to remind myself
about page layout programs; then all my Appleworks GS page layout memory

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