[Scribus] Using Scribus in the classroom?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Nov 7 00:45:01 CET 2006

Nanette Andrusiak wrote:
> I?ve been asked to help a 4^th /5^th grade class develop a school 
> newspaper and have been researching tools for them. I?m very impressed 
> with Scribus, as it has all the features they will need and fits there 
> budget. However, they will need to be working in the Windows 
> environment (due to the limitations of their hardware equipment.) I?m 
> trying to learn Scribus quickly, and develop both a template for a 
> newspaper (on letter-size paper, not tabloid) and a tutorial for the 
> students to teach them what they?ll need to use the program. I?d love 
> to see some other documentation/tutorials/templates but can?t seem to 
> find anything on the Windows platform. I?ve tried downloading several 
> .tar files, which winzip is supposed to unzip, but I keep getting 
> error messages when I try to unzip them.  And I keep running into 
> problems trying to teach myself how to use the application. I am a 
> long time Quark user, and have taught several classes on desktop 
> publishing, but I keep getting confused. Any recommendations of 
> materials that can help me teach these kids how to make their 
> newspaper would be appreciated!
For Windows, the .tar files will do you no good whatsoever. You need the 
.exe files. It can be tricky to find the page to link to the Windows 

for instructions


to download the latest version (

For documentation, the Wiki is your friend:

and in particular I would recommend the Get Started with Scribus 
tutorial. There's plenty of other help there too.

We want to make our wiki even better, so please do not hesitate to give 
us feedback (right here to the list) about suggestions for clarification 
or additional help we need to add.


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