[Scribus] Using Scribus in the classroom?

Ian Malone ibmalone
Tue Nov 7 10:54:05 CET 2006

Nanette Andrusiak wrote:
>  I'd love to see some other documentation/tutorials/templates but
> can't seem to find anything on the Windows platform. I've tried downloading
> several .tar files, which winzip is supposed to unzip, but I keep getting
> error messages when I try to unzip them.  And I keep running into problems

Others have pointed out that you need the .exe to install
from, but I'd guess you're talking about tutorials
in .tar archives.  7zip should be able to handle these.

(Otherwise you'll need to get the command line tools,
tar, gzip and bzip2, with these installed in your path
extract .tar files:
tar xf something.tar
extract .tgz or .tar.gz:
tar xzf something.tgz
extract .tar.bz2 or .tjz:
tar xjf something.tar.bz2
The archive format, .tar, is separate from the compression
(bzip2 or gzip), and I can't remember ever seeing WinZip
actually manage to extract from normal .tgz archives.)


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