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Donny Phillips donnyp
Mon Nov 6 15:55:15 CET 2006

Why should a layman use it?

Uh.... it is free software. In this case, free as in freedom and free pizza.

That was the catty re-mark, the more profound reason is the more input, the
better the program  can become. The more bugs removed and more features
added (in time). That makes it better for everyone. 

I work for an org that really appreciates the ability of this program and
the cost.

If I had to pay 400$ for Scribus, I'd probably look into Adobe products.
However, we do not have the money to spend on this. 






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I am not a programmer. I came across the Scribus recently as I was loking
around for a free software for laying out the pages of a book that I am
planning to do. I have used the Adobe PageMaker, MS Publisher and other
Windows programs on PCs. I would like to experiment with Scribus as it seems
interesting to me. 

However, I too have faced some issues like page numbering, common headers,
etc. for the book, and was looking around here for solutions. This forum has
been encouraging and very informative. I appreciate all those who take time
to answer and give their valuable suggestions. 


I think Calum has a point. Techies are not the only people who use computers
these days and the more userfriendly your program is the more proponents you
will win. For an average user it is time and convenience that matters. If
Scribus can't give him what he wants, naturally he will look at other
options and particularly userfriendly ones. The question to be answered is
why should a layman choose to use Scribus from among a host of other similar


On 11/4/06, Calum Polwart <scribus at wittongilbert.free-online.co.uk> wrote: 

On Sat, 2006-11-04 at 14:35 +0000, Calum Polwart wrote:
> OMG! I opened a whole can of worms!
> My view (right or wrong) is that scribus should be able to produce a
> print ready pdf file that I can walk into a cheap print shop and say
> print that double sided and have to think no more.
> If I have to say to them that it needs to be bookleted, or imposed or
> whatever then that's OK if its me - I can do that - but my colleagues
> seem to struggle - they want the chance to print the PDF at 
> home/work/wherever and check it as it will really look.
> I completely accept that I haven't paid for Scribus.  But even if my
> printer can print double sided, booklet etc I can't gauruntee that every 
> printer can.
> I've just had a conversation with someone (windows user) who is using
> PowerPoint (yes you did read that right!) as a DTP program.  I suggested
> he looked at Scribus after he was really impressed with what he'd 
> achieved InkScape - he's come back to me to ask how he gets it to print
> the layout he set up on screen.  When I said he couldn't he wanted to
> know why i thought this was any better than powerpoint... I'm still 
> thinking up an answer!
> Perhaps if linux had a suitable application that wasn't really a fudge -
> it could be supplied in a Windows format to do the same for windwos
> users.
> Calum
> On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 13:13 +0100, Peter Nermander wrote:
> > I changed the subject to reflect the topic.
> >
> > > For Scribus to be a success, I am indeed of the opinion that the 
> > > Windows build cannot be considered secondary. For all his mistakes,
> > > his low blows, his tricks, let's not forget Bad Billy has also
> > > made some clever choices.
> > 
> > Scribus is a page layout tool, not a booklet printing tool. Why should
> > be the tool to give Windows support for booklet printing? Isn't the lack
of booklet printing in Windows a
> > weakness of Windows? 
> >
> > In the *ix world there is one application for each task. That way nobody
> > have to invent the wheel twice.
> >
> > Under Windows some programs have booklet printing support, others don't.
> > printer drivers have booklet support, others don't. If your printer
driver does
> > not support booklet printing, why don't you contact your printer
> > and ask them to add that feature? You PAID for your printer, you didn't 
> > pay for Scribus. Why do you want a free program to cover up for a
weakness of a
> > product you bought?
> >
> > /Peter
> >
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