[Scribus] Windows booklet printing

Peter Nermander m8130
Mon Nov 6 13:57:21 CET 2006

> options and particularly userfriendly ones. The question to be answered is
> why should a layman choose to use Scribus from among a host of other similar
> programs?

The question is, why whould anyone HAVE TO choose Scribus?

A broad user base is not necessarily good for an open source project. More users
means more people will need support. And more support questions to the
developers means less work on development.

For me, the choice is ideological. The same reason I am using Debian and none of
the "commercial" Linux distros.

Ok, I have to confess that it is also to some extent an economical choice, Open
Source applications I can afford to try out as many as I want without having to
sell my house.

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