[Scribus] Windows booklet printing

Peter Nermander m8130
Mon Nov 6 07:10:22 CET 2006

> I'm trying to respond to desires/needs that people have posted to the
> list. I can conceive that a project might be made and primarily intended
> for a full A4 page, yet in addition someone might want to make another
> version by shrinking and rotating for two A5 sizes side-by-side. There

But that is "destroying" the original design.  A well done design will look very
bad if abused in that way... Unless you read it using a magnifying glass.

> A5 is a convenient format to hold; the width provides a comfortable line
> length at readable body-text point sizes, and it divides conveniently

But if you scale down from A4 to A5 the line length versus text size is not very
much of a pro. And I really think that if you are going to go down from A4 then
A6 is better. A5 seems to be used a lot only because it is easy to acheive. But
ok, that is really another matter... same as to stop people from using Times New
Roman and Arial for everything:-)

> into the most common paper size used in (European) desktop printers, so
> it should be no great surprise that printing A5 booklets is a common
> usage case!

But what do they use for stapling it? Most office staplers can't reach into the
middle of an A4 sheet.

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