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Calum Polwart scribus
Sat Nov 4 16:07:17 CET 2006

On Sat, 2006-11-04 at 11:23 +0100, Peter Nermander wrote:
> > That may be so but office workers are not going to know where to find
> > the routine to copy and would object to having to work that way. For the
> > human computer user GUI is the way.
> But why would office users need booklet printing? Especially from an app like Scribus?
> Scribus is a page layout tool, to have use for such an applications you need certain knowledge about graphical design etc. And when you have such knowledge, you will know that simple booklet printing is in most cases not what you want, you want more advanced features, you want bleed, adjusting for creep etc.
> If you can live without bleed, adjusting for creep etc you can IMO also live without Scribus.
> So this is a matter of two questions: 
> 1. Who need to use Scribus AND simple booklet printing?
I offer three examples (not purely booklet, but of the same ilk).
a. Amatuer Newsletter Producers - by this I mean club, association
newsletters.  Small print runs (under 500 usually), Often A4 folded to
A5 [cheaper postage now in UK] or A3 folded to A4.  They could use word
processor but some of the fine tweaking takes longer.  Many will be
working on narrow budgets for printing so choosing a printer who is
happy to print straight from the pdf (for less money) and not have to
faf about with impossition may be necessary.

b. The other common variation of booklet is A4 folded to A5 as a leaflet
(no staple) Again you could use a word pro - but why? Why is scribus not
the tool?  The only reason to use the word pro is that it can print
it... Word Pro's don't (usually) let you work on layout on screen - a
common need is a front cover (a5) inside text around an image (image
crossing the fold) and a back cover (a5) -- Scribus lets you do that -
word pro's don't (objects need to be on one page - not both)

c. Other impossition needs - business cards etc.  When I start a small
project I'll often knock up a business card to give to key contacts - if
you are knocking up 100's you go external but often I'll only give out
20 or so -- the ability to print that on a low end printer seems logical
(don't refer me back to the printer software -- there are lots of
printer manufacturers - so you'd need lots of fixes...)

> 2. Should booklet printing be supportet by the application or by the print system?
But - is that not exactly what people are trying to take Scribus on to
do - bleed etc.  Your average application doesn't have enough knowledge
of the booklet layout - scribus does - it shows me it on screen...

> I think the print system, since the application will not have enough knowledge of the printers limitations.
> /Peter
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