[Scribus] I really shouldn't open my mouth... but I'm going to

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Nov 2 03:11:21 CET 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Eilert wrote:

>> Yes, but he said "those are Windows users" - the wiki article refers to 
>> a Linux environment with all those tricky little helpers and Ghostscript 
>> on it...
> It's sort of a philosophical issue. Windows users tend to be something 
> like spoiled children, and like dealing with a spoiled child, you have 
> to find ways to get them to learn in spite of themselves. We probably 
> need to suggest that they try to find someone with a stronger OS rather 
> than the weak one they have, so that they might have that stronger OS 
> person process their files for them. We just can't expect everyone to 
> have the patience and cognitive skills to be able to handle these tasks 
> -- isn't that what Windows was created for anyway -- the "OS for Dummies"?

Fishing for flames today?

Sorry, but I don't think broad insults at groups of users are a
particularly good idea. If you were joking I'm afraid it's not obvious.

People tend to hold such opinions about others whose preferences are not
aligned to their own, simply because their preferences and needs differ.
Now, personally, I don't much like Windows, but I recognise it has its
uses, as do most platforms - and calling all windows users stupid is, to
put it bluntly, stupid.

It's certainly true that Windows doesn't force users to develop skills
with certain parts of their system - for example, working on the command
line. That hardly implies limited intellectual ability of their users,
however. The same is true of Mac OS, much as I'm sometimes tempted
myself to blame the OS when encountering a user of it who is extremely
lacking in skills, understanding, and ability. The OS might not help in
that it doesn't throw them into the deep end ... but it's not hurting

Anyway, anyone who has used Windows much knows you need a heck of a lot
of skills just to keep the thing running and virus free :-P

Craig Ringer

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