[Scribus] Prepare EPS for commercial print

Tino Schwarze scribus.lists
Tue May 30 12:47:00 CEST 2006

On Tue, May 30, 2006 at 09:19:46AM +0100, Michiel van der Geest wrote:

> >So the best to do is to import SVG (or EPS)
> > generated by Inkscape into 
> > Scribus, and export the whole stuff as CMYK (in PDF
> > for example.)
> Is it really that simple? Although I really hope so,
> it seems like there's more to it than that. Why would
> printers demand CMYK, if the process is so simple they
> can easily do it themselves? And charge expensive
> hours for correcting your file?
> Anyway, when I try to activate Color Management the
> colors of the logo change, but I can't seem to find
> the right CMYK color. Where can I find mor info on
> this topic? Or is it really something one shouldn't
> worry about?

Have a look here for a start:

The colors change because you get an approximation of what the Logo will
look like when it's printed (given you've chosen the correct ICC
profiles for your monitor and printer). My experience is that things
look a bit dull on screen (but I don't have a monitor profile), but come
out quite good when printed.

Unfortunately, color proofs are quite expensive. Maybe you can look up
the right color in a color reference chart (German: Farbatlas) - these
are books with lots of different shades (all CMY colors with 5% steps
and 0%,5% and 10% black) and different paper. There you look up a CMYK
value and use that. It will look a bit different on screen but will be
printed alright.

My experience is that colors tend to vary if you're printing at a small
print shop - they claim to print Euroscale but they often don't have
color management at all.



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