[Scribus] About Scribus with Mac and Win... Problem of fonts

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer
Mon May 29 03:27:25 CEST 2006

Craig R. wrote:
> I've been able to install fonts packaged with .pfm font metrics OK
> under
> XP. I haven't needed any that I only have in .pfb/.afm or .pfa/.afm
> format yet, but I understand it's possible to convert .afm format
> metrics to .pfm format, so that could be one possible approach.

Back in pre-XP/W2K days, Adobe Type Manager could create a .pfm file
if you had a .pfb and .afm. W2K and XP support Type 1 natively and
ATM is no longer needed. It's still available, however, and can be
downloaded for free here:

Note that I am assuming from the 2002 date of the file that this is
the version that can be used with XP. I can't find any specific
documentation on Adobe's Web site. I don't know if ATM plays nice
with XP--I think it does because I know it's needed if you want to
use Multiple Master fonts under XP. There is most likely a Readme in
the expanded archive and I strongly suggest that anyone thinking of
installing ATM check the Readme first.
--Judy Miner

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