[Scribus] About Scribus with Mac and Win... Problem of fonts

Craig Ringer craig
Sun May 28 18:01:35 CEST 2006

Mos wrote:

> Bitstream Charter and Utopia fonts are not provided on windows systems. 
> I try to find fonts files on the  web. I only find  *.pfa files 
> (provided with gs or *Nix systems).
> Windows XP seems not to recognize theses.

I've been able to install fonts packaged with .pfm font metrics OK under 
XP. I haven't needed any that I only have in .pfb/.afm or .pfa/.afm 
format yet, but I understand it's possible to convert .afm format 
metrics to .pfm format, so that could be one possible approach.

Failing that, you should be able to tell Scribus to search the directory 
with your fonts in it as an additional font path. It should be able to 
understand the fonts even if Windows can't.

> How should I do to use/install theses fonts. Where can I find them (I 
> understand they are in public domain now)..

Some good fonts are available from Artifex Software as part of GhostPCL:


There are also more links to quality free fonts on the Scribus website.

Craig Ringer

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