[Scribus] New member

Dan Fink danbob
Mon May 29 11:07:34 CEST 2006

Hello all.
I just joined the list, and wanted to introduce myself.
The list archives have already proved invaluable to me in trying to
install Scribus, regarding dependencies. All is smoothly in progress

I am currently co-authoring a book on building small wind turbines in
the home workshop. The draft of the book was written using OpenOffice,
and we were about to purchase Adobe InDesign for layout --a large sum of
money. This also would have meant that during the layout process, I'd be
chained to a windows computer, while running my office Linux machine at
the same time -- since I am located off the power grid and generate all
my own electricity from solar and wind, that's a significant waste of
power. And our company avoids the use of Microsoft products whenever

Everything I have heard so far indicates that Scribus is completely
acceptable for bringing our book to publication, and we are excited that
we can do it using open source software.

In other words, thanks in advance!

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