[Scribus] Inkscape and Gimp

PLinnell mrdocs
Mon May 29 00:04:02 CEST 2006

Silvio Lopes wrote:
> Subject: Re: [Scribus] Inkscape and Gimp
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> Silvio Lopes wrote:
>>> I think it would be a great feature if scribus could import directly 
>>> from Inkscape and Gimp as happens to Adobe applications. Some kind of 
>>> interativity among the programs.
>>> S?lvio
> I take it you mean 'drag and drop'?
> frank
> No Frank, not only drag and drop, but the capability of importing the native inkscape and gimp formats and with a double click in the images you open the original aplication for editing the content, just like Indesign CS where you can import .psd and .ai files, and when in need duble click the image and open the original aplication for manipulation.


In consultation with the GIMP devels, they have specifically recommended
against having Scribus use native XCF. Why ? There are data structures
they have said are relevant for GIMP alone and they reserve the right to
change the format to suit their needs. XCF was never meant for an
interchange format.


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