[Scribus] About Scribus with Mac and Win... Problem of fonts

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun May 28 17:53:11 CEST 2006

>Hi everybody !
>I am beginning with Scribus.


>Few days ago I created a document with Scribus on a Mac based machine. I
>use the Bitstream and Utopia fonts because of indications on the Scribus
>I have now a Windows based machine with a large screen and I install
>Scirbus for windows. All works fine. Nevertheless, I have a problem of
>fonts and I am not keen with this problem.
>Bitstream Charter and Utopia fonts are not provided on windows systems.
>I try to find fonts files on the  web. I only find  *.pfa files
>(provided with gs or *Nix systems).
>Windows XP seems not to recognize theses.
>How should I do to use/install theses fonts. Where can I find them (I
>understand they are in public domain now)..

Please read the documentation at

More on Windows specific font issues

plus a few other pages under the "settings" link in docs.scribus.net

Don't hesitate to get back to the ML if you don't find answers to 
your question in the doc.



>Thanks a lot

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